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Our Vision

The vision of Holy Blossom Temple Religious School is to create an atmosphere of warmth, excitement and love of Jewish learning in which students from JK-5 (Lower School) and Grades 6-10 (Senior School) acquire:

  • Commitment/love of Judaism and Israel
  • Jewish values, skills and knowledge
  • Values of life-long Jewish learning and service to the community

Through a combination of creative and didactic learning experiences we aim to build a sense of community and belonging to Holy Blossom Temple, to the Jewish communities within Toronto and Canada, the broader Reform movement and Israel.

The development of skills and knowledge are meant to enable Jewish young people to read Hebrew, participate comfortably and capably in worship services, and master the basic skills required to study Torah, Haftarah and the holy days.

To attain these goals, we rely on an integrated curriculum and experiential/creative teaching models. Success depends upon dynamic, enthusiastic and Jewishly learned teachers, home/family support and commitment, and appropriate, responsible allocation of resources.

It is our hope that all our Confirmation students will join in a trip to Israel upon completion of their formal studies at Holy Blossom Temple.



Register for Religious School

Tuition for 2015-2016 - Click image above to enlarge

Tuition for 2015-2016 – Click image above to enlarge

Dear Friends,

We welcome you to Holy Blossom Temple Religious School. We are honoured to have your family share the wonders and beauty of Jewish education together. We are proud that our current application is fully on-line. Please read through our application carefully.

Holy Blossom Temple School is pleased to provide age appropriate learning opportunities from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our program provides multiple options for days of the week for your children’s education, and even provides a single-day option which combines Religious education and Hebrew language education.  Please review the material enclosed to learn more and feel welcome to call or email me with any questions.  Going forward, we will continue to encourage and welcome your input as we make further improvements to our School.

Classes for Grades JK-5 will be offered on Sunday mornings 9:30-11:30 a.m. or for Grades 2-5 on Wednesdays 4:45-6:45 p.m. We have a stimulating Hebrew Language program for students in Grades 2-5; as well as an option to join Project Tikvah, our Hebrew language program for students with learning challenges.

Senior School (Grades 6-12) meets on Monday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, a part of our Senior School and Grade  Seven program, is for all students (Jewish Day School students included) celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Holy Blossom Temple.

Holy Blossom students throughout the school will be given greater tools and experiences which are necessary to be comfortable in participating in worship and Torah discussion. Shabbat service (Friday evening or Shabbat day) participation is another way to bring school and synagogue together. Special Shabbat dinners will be scheduled for various grades and will be advertised in our school calendar which will be available in the August.

We always encourage our parents’ participation. Please consider joining your child often during their time at school. Shabbat Family Education programs are a central part of our experience. Families will have the flexibility to choose 3 dates from the 6 Shabbat program options offered – either a Friday evening or Shabbat morning program. We look forward to sharing Shabbat and other holiday and program times with each family at various times throughout the school year.

As a way of fostering the friendships in our classrooms, we will be compiling and distributing class contact lists. We hope that you will schedule visits with your children’s friends from Temple outside of school. It is a great way to create and form life-long bonds.

We learn through experience and teach through deed and example. At Holy Blossom there are many opportunities for Temple members of all ages to be students and to be teachers. Your involvement will guide us into the next generation. We look forward to learning with you.


Debbie Spiegel
Director of Education
Judy Winberg
Chair, Department of Education


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For more information please send an email to Debbie Spiegel, Director of Education, or call 416-789-3291, ext.239.


The Religious School News Archive

Our Youth Education Centre is open for business!

Religious School

We are looking forward to opening our door officially on Sunday, September 13th for Sunday programs, September 16th for Wednesdays and September 21st for Monday‎s. When you arrive there will be beautiful signs directing you to your room! Click here for the full 2015-2016 calendar.  Read more »

September is coming soon… Youth Education Centre at Holy Blossom Temple

Religious School

Summer is Fantastic! We know that this summer has been fantastic and we have all enjoyed the great weather, the relaxing days, and the lack of school schedules……. BUT, September is coming soon….. Don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunities that we have in store for you at the Youth Education Centre at Holy Blossom Temple! Registration is underway and you do not want to miss out! Join us for great teachers, great learning, great friends, Read more »

Where are your children in their Jewish education?


The reason we are asking is two-fold. Firstly, it is because it is important to us that you feel supported in your Jewish educational choices, and we want to make sure we tailor our own programs to meet your needs. Secondly, we have already made great steps in re-working what youth activities looks like at HBT to include day school families, families with private tutors, those who have “not-yet” engaged in formal Jewish education, and the many Read more »

We say Shalom and Shalom!! Shinshinim for 2015-2016


Tal and Aviv On Shabbat, June 6th, at 10:30 a.m., we will formally say “Shalom” to our current Shinshinim, Aviv Naftali and Tal Yitzhaki. They have been a tremendous addition to all that we have done here at HBT. Join us in the Family Service, in the Youth Chapel, where we will share some thoughts, some laughs and maybe some tears as we prepare to send them off to camp for the summer. AND……Our new Shinshinim for 2015-2016 will be joining Read more »

Our Grade 3 students enjoy a Mock Wedding!


After spending their year learning about a variety of Life Cycle experiences our Grade 3 students enjoyed participating in a Mock Wedding of two of our own HBT families – Josh Berger, son of Eileen and David Berger and Ilana Goodman, daughter of Mindy and Howard Goodman. Josh and Ilana were actually married last summer, and were kind to let us celebrate with them once again. Our students learned the language surrounding the wedding ceremony and Read more »

Register for the Youth Education Centre 2015-2016


May 2015 Iyar 5775 Dear Friends, We welcome you to Holy Blossom Temple Religious School. We are honoured to have your family share the wonders and beauty of Jewish education together. We are proud that our current application is fully on-line. Please read through our application carefully. Holy Blossom Temple School is pleased to provide age appropriate learning opportunities from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our program provides multiple Read more »

Youth Education at Holy Blossom: Task Force update


By Meredith Englander. Earlier this year I was invited to join the task force for Youth Education at Holy Blossom. I accepted, thinking it would be a good way to play a part in how and what my daughters’ learn at our Temple’s Religious School.  What I didn’t realize at that time, however, was that being a part of this committee would actually prove to be a great learning experience for myself! Michelle Lynn-Sachs, our own former Director Read more »

"ShinShinim Ba'Sholchan" - (ShinShinim at your table)

Tal and Aviv

Tal and Aviv Hello everyone, This week we had the opportunity to take part and learn about the Temple’s Renewal project. We placed out handprints on the big Community Mural and toured with the all of the members’ children throughout the Temple.  We also had the privilege to talk in front of Brotherhood breakfast (Sunday) and we are looking forward to more opportunities of working with the adult community of Holy Blossom. We have two important Read more »

Our Shinshinim for 2015-2016

Debbie Spiegel, Noam Nadler, Bar Cohen, Avra Rosen

Debbie Spiegel, Noam Nadler, Bar Cohen, Avra Rosen I am pleased to share with all that we have chosen our Shinshinim who will join us in August 2015 Noam Nadler (female) and  Bar Cohen (male) are wonderful young energetic thoughtful Israelis. We are so fortunate to have them. More information to follow... SHABBAT SHALOM from Jerusalem. Read more »

Shinshinim alumni together in Jerusalem

Shinshinim alumni together in Jerusalem

Shinshinim alumni together in Jerusalem Thursday evening all alumni Shinshinim over the past 9 years gathered together in Jerusalem! Debbie Spiegel and lay leader Avra Rosen along with counterparts at Leo Baeck Day School, Miriam Glaser and Cindy Opler welcomed many of our alumni. We are so proud of these amazing young people. Each one has made terrific contributions while they were with us and continue to do incredible things in Israel. Read more »

An Evening or Two or Three with our Shinshinim

Tal Yitzhaki and Aviv Naftali

Tal and Aviv Aviv Naftali and Tal Yitzhaki (or as we call them Tel Aviv!) Mondays, February 23-March 9, 2015 7:30 p.m. And now we can say – Back to Blossom (and now for good!) … Or at least for the rest of the year. Before Chanukah we left for Israel for the entire winter break for a small reunion – meeting with our families, friends and loved ones. It was a good time to escape the cold and get warm a little bit (even though we came Read more »

Shinshinim Chanukah Video

Holy Blossom Stories

Tal and Aviv created this fun video with students in the Religious School for Chanukah. We thank them for their continued energy and love for all of our students at HBT. They are now in Israel for a few weeks on holiday – and will be back with us soon….thanks to them and HAPPY CHANUKAH! Read more »

THANK YOU – Todah! THANK YOU – Todah! THANK YOU - Todah!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge TO OUR SISTERHOOD FOR MAKING A VERY GENEROUS DONATION TO OUR SCHOOL OF 6 SAMSUNG TABLETS. WE ARE NOW READY TO USE THEM AS WE HAVE JUST COMPLETED THE INSTALLATION OF WIFI IN THE SCHOOL. Here are some of our Senior School students using the tablets as a part of their work. We have also installed wifi on the 2nd and 3rd floors, so we are ready and able! Read more »

Simchat Torah and Consecration at Holy Blossom Temple

Consecration Prep 5775

Consecration Prep 5775 All members' children in Grade 1 are invited to celebrate Consecration at HBT on Thursday evening October 16 at 6:00 p.m. as we officially welcome them to the wonderful experience of Torah. For members' children not in Grade 1 we invite you to join the celebration at 6:15 for flagmaking, and Simchat Torah celebration following at 7:00 p.m. This special ceremony with rabbis, cantors, parents, grandparents will take Read more »

Religious School Registration 2014/2015

Religious School

Religious School 2014/15 We hope you are having a wonderful relaxing summer! We are looking forward to an exciting year together which begins on Sunday, September 7, Wednesday, September 10 or Monday September 8. We want to send one more reminder to those who have not-yet-registered for Religious School to please do so as soon as possible. Forms are available on our website, (please click here) for your convenience. Once we have your Read more »

Holy Blossom Temple’s KEF 2014-2015

Wordle Fun - Click to enlarge

Registration is open for KEF Gadol for students in grades 3-5. This is our new after-school program for our older students, on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, starting Tuesday, October 28th. Register for Jewnior Chefs cooking on Tuesdays, Hebrew b'Kef, or Art On Wheels arts and crafts on Thursdays. Classes run from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m., (or 4:30-5:30 if more convenient) and the cost is $150 for an 8 week session. Contact Lisa Isen Baumal for registration: Read more »

Havaya is coming...

Click image above for more details

Click image above for more details In the next few days your child in Grades 8-10 will receive a mailing from Holy Blossom Temple regarding a new initiative called Havaya. The word Havaya mean experience. This initiative has been developed as a result of hours and hours of listening to parents, and to students regarding their interests and passions through the hard work of the Campaign for Youth Engagement. We have created a program to meet teens Read more »

Congregational Letters of Support to Our Alumni ShinShinim in Israel

Michael Diamond and ShinShinim Alumni

Michael Diamond and ShinShinim Alumni Add your voice. Below is a collection of a few letters sent by concerned members of our congregation, received by our alumni ShinShinim, and responded to by our alumni ShinShinim when possible. We ask that you continue this campaign and leave your comments below or send via your correspondence to be added here. The care and passion expressed below provides great support and Read more »

shalom al yisrael: some messages from our former Shinshinim

Michael Diamond and ShinShinim Alumni

By Debbie Spiegel. In the last few days I have heard from a few of our former Shinshinim – some who have been called to the front and others who are still serving in the army. We have heard from Yaniv and Or, and if you would like to post a comment to any of our Shinshinim alumni, we will be happy to forward to them all. We continue to pray for shalom al Yisrael – peace in Israel. From Yaniv Cohen (Shinshin 2009-2010) As for us, it isn't Read more »

Shinshinim for 2014-2015

Tal Yitzhaki and Aviv Naftali

Tal Yitzhaki and Aviv Naftali We welcome Tal Yitzhaki and Aviv Naftali as our new Shinshinim for the coming year. Get ready – they are arriving the last week of August! They are a wonderful team – already working well together. Families have been set and this is a huge HBT year for hosting. Thanks to all who have raised their hands to welcome and care for our wonderful Shinshinim. Tal comes from Timrat (in the Galilee). She majored in Read more »

Religious School Registration 2014/2015

Religious School

Religious School 2014/15 Please remember to register your children/grandchildren for HBT’s Religious School. We look forward to engaging the entire family with our various school, Temple and youth activities. Check us out! We ask for your registration to be in by June 30th. For any questions, please contact Debbie Spiegel, Read more »

Confirmation: A Compilation of our Students’ Reflections

Holy Blossom Stories

A Compilation of our Students’ Reflections What is it that you hope your children will achieve through being involved in Jewish life? Our Grade 10 students discuss how impactful their time has been here at Holy Blossom Temple and on our Israel trip. After many years of Jewish education, time spent learning in our building, doing Mitzvot and engaged in Jewish life, they tell us how it has affected them, to this moment, as Jews about to confirm Read more »

Video: HBT Israel Trip!

In March 2014, a group of Confirmation class students travelled to Israel with Debbie Spiegel and Lisa Isen Baumal as their madrichim, for a week of travel, exploration and friendship. Jessica Baldachin and friends, created a memory of the experience which they want to share with everyone. Our visit included seeing sights in Tel Aviv/Yaffo, digging and spelunking (cave crawling) at Tel Maresha. Visiting an elementary school in Bat Yam Read more »

Meet our new Shinshinim!


HBT! Please take a minute and have a look to meet our new Shinshinim - Tal and Aviv. They will join us at the end of August and cant wait to be with us. We know that our families, students and adults alike will have a great time with them. We are still looking for housing for them - if you have room in your home, please contact Debbie Spiegel. Read more »

Our Grade 3 Religious School class had a wedding...

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge As  a part of their studying Jewish Life-Cycle events, our Grade 3 Religious School class had a wedding.  Mazal Tov and a huge thank-you to the bride and groom, Esther Connors and Joshua Miller, who were married under a beautiful chuppah created by the students. Members of the grade 3 class made up the wedding party and the bride and groom’s parents. In learning and preparing for the wedding, a special ketubah was Read more »